Our Presentation in Pueblo

1 Nov

from the Pueblo Chieftain, 10/31/2012
Investigators have ghostly mission

If you don’t believe in ghosts, paranormal shenanigans and the like, the Light in the Dark Paranormal investigators would like to have a word with you.

A perfect precursor to Halloween, the LIDP’s presentation on unearthly goings-on drew a small but spirited group to the Info-Zone Theater on Monday evening.

Co-founded by real estate broker Paul Hill, the team specializes in researching houses, buildings, ghost towns and old mining sites. To that end, the team had a literal field day in Southern Colorado, visiting the Ludlow Massacre site north of Trinidad, the Hastings Mine and the ghost town of Berwind.

Findings on an exploration of the old Rialto Theater in Alamosa also were presented. The most impressive results, at least visually, followed a quest to uncover ghostly activity at the site of the 1914 Ludlow Massacre. There, some 25 people tragically died at the hands of militiamen called in to quell a strike.

As Hill spoke, several slides were shown that appeared to show mysterious, shadowy figures near an old coal wagon. Various figures appeared in photos taken during the day and night. Most remarkably, a specter photographed at night and illuminated by a streetlight cast a visible shadow on the ground. In another, also taken at night, there is a faint figure with a dim light near its head — quite possibly an illuminated coal miner’s helmet.

[Editor’s Note:  see Ludlow photos at http://www.lightinthedarkparanormal.com/photos.html ]

The Hastings Mine, site of a horrible explosion that killed 121 miners, was deemed to be “spooky” and unsettling but no paranormal activity was detected.

[Editor’s Note:  see photos of the Hastings Mine in a video:
http://www.lightinthedarkparanormal.com/videos.html ]

Not so in a decrepit jail in the nearby town of Berwind.

Photos taken there uncovered anomalies that could not be explained, according to Hill. In the most odd of these, a blurry figure — possibly a grayhaired, burly man dressed in black — appears to be looking into one of the jail’s cells.

That vision, Hill said, was not in a photo taken only three seconds before in the exact spot.

Sound recordings also detected the sound of a creaking jail door that long ago rusted into oblivion.

In the Rialto Theater, now a restaurant, the group believes the spiritual remnants of longtime organist and manager “Grandpa Joe” are ever present.

A reading with a K2 meter, which measures electromagnetic energy, definitely showed a sustained surge as the group conversed with the amiable spirit, who in the early 1970s was attacked in the theater and later died in a hospital.


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