Haunted, For Sale–the Investigation

3 Dec
basmt flash

ON for “yes”

On December 1st, Light in the Dark Paranormal visited the Florissant, Colorado home near Cripple Creek to investigate the claims of it’s haunting

Here are its preliminary findings…

Flashing in the Basement

(Intro video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W0Pf-Ra9pk )

The basement was where the owner and the Ghost Adventure boys first ripped out the hot water heater in order to retrieve the can full of old artifacts placed there in the foundation by God-knows-who.  We began our digging there, but not with a shovel.  We used instead a Mini Maglite flashlight placed on the ledge next to the dirt pile and artifacts.  Ghost hunters have long known that they can communicate with certain entities by asking them to use a flashlight to respond to questioning, as in “turn it on for yes; off for no.”  We have used this technique successfully in the past, and it worked for us again.

Here is the YouTube link to the unedited video clip of that session:

Based on those on/off answers, its possible that we “conversed” with a male who had lived on the land long before the house was built in 1980.  On the lot immediately upslope from this one, we did note the existence of a boarded-up old cabin, probably dating back to the mid-1800’s.

Though this entity could have been from a hundred years ago or more, he may have been the youngest of the ghosts we encountered that night.

Louise and Adrian are the women of our group who did most of the questioning, as “he” seemed most responsive to them.  They were told via yes/no questioning that he had lived there before the house was there, and may have had something to do with the rusted out metal box that contained the artifacts, including a metal crucifix, knitted fabric, buttons, and other things that could have been valuable to someone living in the 19th Century.

An Ancient Presence?

More sessions were done elsewhere in the house with similar results.  The ghost kept flashing, at least until Terry deployed the laser matrix.  This is a laser-generated matirx of green points of light that easily reveals any mass passing in front of it.  But it seems our flashlight ghost didn’t like it.  He promptly disappeared from the conversation, only to be replaced by something more insidious.  We were all on the upper level when Louise went down the spiral staircase to the main floor.  She didn’t stay long, and came back up feeling sick.  Adrian and I went downstairs into the living room to check things out, and we too became dizzy and disoriented.

We retreated back upstairs, only to feel the same there.  Our last refuge from this nasty feeling was the dreaded basement, which we hurried down to.  The depression followed us there too.  Only we were not certain if it was following us, or we were chasing it.  This is where any presumption of scientific objectivity disappears, and we fly stricty by the seat of our intuitive pants.  No video, no EMR, no EVP’s, no photos; just the lingering notion that something was in the house that was not the ghost we started with, and was certainly not our friend.

Searching for an identity, we concurred that this thing had no intention of revealing itself to us, and may have even been curious about our intentions.  I felt this presence to be every bit as old as it was not nice.  I recalled a recent episode of the Dead Files, where the show’s resident medium described the appearance of a demonic entity of great age and negative influence on those weak enough to do what they would never otherwise do.

We went back upstairs to the main level and busied ourselves with setting up whatever we could to somehow capture the nature of this most un-natural phenomenon.

K2 Meter

K2 Meter

I impulsively grabbed the K2 meter, a device that measures fluctuations in electromagnetic activity via the illumination of small colored lights, and ran up to the small upstairs bedroom.  This is the hotspot where a previous tenant’s 12 year old daughter had told her parents about the “shadow people sitting on her bed.”  And where some years before, a previous owner had ended his life by suicide just outside the window.  Someone had installed opaque bathroom type privacy glass in that window, perhaps to keep the fatal view from ever being seen again from that perspective.

The Energy in the Room

A third entity?  I yelled down to Terry as two of the lights started to brighten…
(continued @ next post)

Paul Hill
all rights reserved

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6 Responses to “Haunted, For Sale–the Investigation”

  1. Tamira Davis April 28, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    Hi i am intrested in this home can u send picks of the home front back bedrooms land schools shoping area what makes this home haunted whats the story about this home also send inside pics if you have them the utilitie service ect elementry school and middle id like to kno about previous owners contact me at———-. email pictures asap lets talk


    • Ghostbroker April 28, 2014 at 10:18 pm #


      For a everything we know about this house, visit our webpage and scroll down for all the posts:
      https://lightinthedarkparanormal.wordpress.com/category/piotrowski-house-2/ It was foreclosed on, sold back to the bank, and resold to a pvt party. I’ve been trying to contact the new owner to see if it would be for sale again, but to no avail. I will try again and find out if they are interested in selling. For the original Ghost Adventures show about the house, search for “Cripple Creek Ghost Adventures” and you might pull up a link to the show. Why may I ask, would you want to buy a haunted house?


  2. Lissa February 3, 2013 at 2:18 am #

    so many questions so little time. I’ve read your blogs, watched your videos and saw Ghost Adventures video regarding this residence. the first thing I wonder his why are we not trying to figure out where all the water is going? next, I have to imagine that communicating from beyond lets say, must be difficult and take some time. it seemed as though 3 people were throwing questions as soon as they came to mind and allowing no time for a response. lastly for now I must admit if I were communicating from beyond I would appreciate being spoken to not like a child, but with a little more thought being put into questions being posed to me. please don’t take this critique personally. I am NOT a ghost hunter and would be terrified if I been there I think. just random musings that came mind as I was enjoying viewing your videos. Thank u for your time and effort


    • Paul Hill February 3, 2013 at 10:31 am #

      Lissa, thanks for your thoughtful comment.

      Re the water, Dan P. addressed this in the GA episode. He said he’s had several “experts,” including those who work for the water utility, trying to figure out this very problem. Probably beyond the scope of our investigation, though if we went back, we’d try and get some more info. I tend to think its just an underground leak that they’ve been unable to find, but who knows? With enough force, a leak can be a substantial flow. Flowing water has been theorized to facilitate paranormal phenomena.

      Re “3 people throwing questions…” Actually there were 4 of us in the basement at the time! We have already criticized ourselves on exactly this point. The issue is investigating a relatively small house and not remaining as 2 separate teams of 2 each. 4 is a crowd, and there’s simply too much input unless I tell my team to keep quiet.

      Re “spoken like a child:” We tend to talk this way because 1) we may be talking to a child, and 2) no one knows what difficulty those “on the other side” might have in hearing us. We certainly have that problem in hearing them with our own ears. So we tend to speak like we were talking to someone who was hard of hearing, or didn’t understand our language. So it just kind of comes out that way, and I’m not sure speaking more “adult” is the answer. Nor are we ones to use provocation as a way of getting the entities to respond.

      Lastly, we don’t use a script or list of prepared questions. We’re just wingin’ it based on the feedback we get at the time, and the questions may appear simplistic. Again, we don’t necessarily know who or what we’re talking to.

      Thanks again for your interest and intelligent questions–


  3. Katie December 30, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

    This has played over in my head for awhile now. Please note I am just an average person in mi. however there are several problems in that house I would like to see further investigated. There is a strong negative Indian presence in that house. He was killed in a war and is very upset, as if replaying a nightmare. Also an older man that is also negative in every way. Both are upset with the life they had. It is coming up from the land, the house is the portal if you call it for them. The land is a huge problem and I don’t know why I have been compelled to write this note.
    I, when I first saw ghost adventure saw tremendous termoil outside as if it were in my home. I hope this is taken to heart because the house can not be sold for any length of time without a problem. I could go on about this place but I don’t want to in a public forum.


    • lightinthedarkparanormal December 30, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

      Your comment is very insightful. We are thinking about what would have to be done to purify this site.–Light in the Dark Paranormal


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