Is Your Place Haunted?

9 Oct

There is no better personal ghost detector than what’s between your ears. Your own brain and central nervous system have been designed by thousands of years of evolution to perceive what we call “paranormal.” The problem is that modern civilization has failed to keep certain parts of our brains properly exercised, and now most people don’t even know they are there. With all of our education and sophisticated technology, we have successfully filtered out the things that go bump in the night from registering in our consciousness.

Though some folks are better than others at detecting the presence of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena, it is an aptitude that can be developed and refined. That being said, most don’t have the time or the inclination to do that, so they have to rely on others. But before you call us or any other ghost hunting team when things get strange, there are a few things you can do and ask to help determine if your place is indeed haunted…

Symptoms: unexplained sounds, like knocking, footsteps or voices; unexplained sights, like people who wander through a building seemingly unaware of the real people around them; unknown smells, like cigar smoke, perfume. or certain cooking smells that appear to have no origin; bad or disorienting feelings that have no reason; cold areas in rooms that should not be there; items falling off shelves; hearing your name called when there is no one present; shadows that seem to move on their own with no cause; electrical fixtures that malfunction or turn on/off with no apparent operator; new batteries in devices that suddenly drain; waking up with visions of strangers in your room; personal items missing and turning up in a different place, etc.

Some Natural Explanations

  1. Is your building old, say over 100 years? Old buildings may emit strange sounds due to settling, or in the winter when old heating systems are turned on. Uneven flooring can cause items to fall off shelves, and nearby highway or flight path vibrations can have the same result.
  2. Is there a natural or man-made power source nearby, other than the usual connections to utilities? For example, is your place near a flowing creek or moving underground water? Is it near high-tension power lines or unshielded electrical conduits? Any source of a strong electromagnetic field can make people or pets feel or behave strangely.
  3. What about your local geology? Any seismic or volcanic activity? Any known concentrations of mineral deposits or certain underground strata like limestone?
  4. Are there nearby military or private research facilities that could be the cause of strange sights, smells, or sounds?
  5. Are there any family members, friends, or strangers who may be playing tricks for various reasons?

Of course there are other reasons and causes of strange happenings in buildings (or even around outside sites, like cemeteries and forests). But when you’ve eliminated the natural explanations and the symptoms persist, what’s left may be supernatural…

Some Supernatural Explanations

  1. Same question as #1, above: is your building or outside event site really old? While there’s nothing about “old” itself that contributes to genuine hauntings, its just statistically true that the older a place is and the more people had lived, worked, or played there, the more likely it is that some event had happened that resulted in a haunting.
  2. Is the site on, over, or nearby a cemetery or other burial site? Some believe that the simple proximity to such places can open the door to supernatural entities. Funeral homes, morgues, or old hospitals or clinics have been known to produce similar effects.
  3. Has anyone, friend, family member, or total stranger, recently died on the premises? Has anyone died there in the history of the building or site? Ghosts may originate from sudden, violent, or unexpected deaths. The deceased then linger in the place they died.
  4. Has the event site ever been a source of continuing conflict? Some buildings absorb the negative vibrations of any kind of violence or abuse, including fights, arguments, or other negative but unresolved human interactions.
  5. Is the place the site of a story about sudden death, violence or an unrighted wrong? Did anything really happen there as depicted by a very sad story about unfortunate things happening to good people?

In determining whether your property is experiencing paranormal activity, first rely on your own instincts. Try and eliminate the obvious natural explanations. If what you’re left with just can’t be explained and the phenomena persists, contact us!

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