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Is Hell Really Down There Somewhere?

16 Sep
From time to time, I have some pretty interesting online conversations with Beverly. She has been communicating with the spirit world for some 35 years now, and publishes her own blog, Welcome to ghost talk blog  A forum for spiritual topics, spirit communication, Near Death Experiences, ghost stories, UFOs, and all things paranormal…Anyway, I think some of the comments we are trading back and forth on her blog (and hers on mine) might be of interest to our visitors here.  I urge you to visit her to read everything she writes about, which is extensive.  But here I can give you some tantalizing bits of conversation regarding various topics.  In this case, Bev wrote about a gentleman who had quite the experience with a demon. Here’s the most recent serve from my side of the court…

Bev, at your suggestion, I went back and read Sean’s personal accounts. He appears sincere and insightful, and I don’t doubt any of his stories. You ask if I have had any experience with investigations where there were no measurable results in spite of credible witnesses to the contrary? Luckily for our group, we have yet to have done an investigation where we didn’t have at least something to pore over. But I know of groups who have come away empty, even some of those seen on tv.

I think the explanation is this:  the manifestation of paranormal phenomenon is transient to be sure. It could be that on the particular night the investigation was done, the ghosts were busy elsewhere! One of the eternal questions about them is where the heck are they when they’re not present?

Here’s another take on this: if indeed perception of them depends on some person having some degree of clairvoyance or other such ability in order to experience the phenomenon, and if a typical ghost hunting group has no such person in it, then that may be why on occasion nothing is perceived or measured unless its “very present,” at least to their equipment. Most such groups I know of boast of having no psychics, sensitives, etc. in order to allegedly bolster their scientific objectivity. That’s nonsense, of course, as folks with abilities have long been the subject of scientific research going back to the 50’s (prior to that time, such people were seen in more of a theatrical context, like the seances popular in the 30’s & 40’s during the Spiritualist movement).

In Sean’s case, his investigators seem to have done a terrible job. Even if they found nothing, they should never have dismissed his experiences, and at the very least should have offered to come back another time. Perhaps they really did see something that scared their pants off and wanted to make a quick exit!

I could go on and on about things like portals, old wells and other subterranean doorways to strange worlds, but I’ll spare you. Is Hell really down there somewhere?

To catch up on where this all started, visit Bev’s recent post:  

Intervention With A Demon: A True Story

by ghostbusterbev

My next post:  Portals–demon gateways to hell or just dark scary places?

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