Investigating Our Own Home, or “I never believed in orbs before, but…”

5 Aug

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Photo #4 – “Orb Chain” Anomaly

Light in the Dark Paranormal recently investigated the home of two of its members. While this is not recommended, the two resident ghost-hunters already knew of the existence of ghosts in their house, and felt it was about time to formally introduce themselves.

Photo #1- no orbs; flash off

Photo #1-small orb (not camera flash reflection); flashlight off

The above image was taken as a still photo during a sweep of the second floor loft while conducting a flashlight communication session (the flash can be seen on the island in the middle). The team had succeeded in getting whoever was there to turn the flashlight on and off in response to their questions (we have an unedited video of this session on YouTube).

At the same time, one team member was conducting an EVP session with her digital recorder, with the recording revealing an unexplained knocking sound. This sound + the flashlight activating itself + the above photo taken all at the same time demonstrate what we feel to be from a single paranormal event.  It was recorded by three different investigators using three types of recording media (video, audio recorder and a still camera) all starting and stopping on the same timeline.

Photo #2- no orbs; flash on

Photo #2- small orb; flash on

The large photo above reveals a an anomaly appearing in the right center of the image, and seems to be emanating from behind the stove in the kitchen area. You can click on this photo to obtain a separate larger image (we suggest blowing it up to maximum size to see the detail of the phenomenon). Upon closer examination, note what appears to be a series of interlocking orbs! They seem to be contained within a tube or conduit of some sort, whose source seems to be from just behind the oven door, and whose other end tapers off into a dissolve. If this were a hair or other piece of debris on the camera lens, it would be in front of and covering the background, not coming from it, and the end of it would be definite, not fading away.

Photo #3- orbs visible; flash off

Photo #3- orbs; flash off

This anomaly was not present in the photo taken seconds before it, nor in any taken seconds after (each photo is numbered in the order taken). Also note the presence of the more traditional “orbs” of the type observed by many investigators over the years. These began to appear in the prior and subsequent photos, but then they too disappeared.

One of the advantages of investigating your own home is that you get to go back and validate what you might have documented earlier. In this case, we took the same series of photos the next day at exactly the same time during similar outside weather. No phenomenon whatsoever was present (one of the disadvantages of investigating your own home is that you have to go to sleep there after your investigation, regardless of what you may have riled up).

Photo #5 - orbs; flash on

Photo #5 – orbs; flash off

We discussed our investigation the following Sunday with Rob Henry and Jason Olivo, hosts of Living Paranormal on the web. To listen to the entire show, which includes some amazing EVP’s recorded in previous investigations at other locations, click here to hear an archived version.

Photo #6 - orb; flash on

Photo #6 – small orb; flash on

Also tuned into the show that night was acclaimed psychic medium Reverend Robyne Marie. Using her technique of photo scrying, where Robyne claims that she can actually see live spirits present in a photo, she said the following about ours as she studied it during the show:


Photo #7-orbs gone; flash on

We have physical bodies walking through here . . . remote viewing.

I saw the main character and all the other bodies with them. This is their heaven. So many of them together . . . we have doppelgangers! They mimic you. 



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6 Responses to “Investigating Our Own Home, or “I never believed in orbs before, but…””

  1. femininmasculin1 February 6, 2018 at 10:01 am #

    do you know the story of the piotrowski hosue? id really love to know?


    • Paul Hill February 6, 2018 at 1:29 pm #

      I do. We investigated it a few years ago. Always meant to go back w/ team and do follow up investigation, but no nothing about current tenant or owner. I will get back to you w/ links about prior investigation.


    • Paul Hill February 6, 2018 at 1:34 pm #

      Go to Categories on right; click on “Piotrowski House” if you haven’t already. We intend to re-investigate if occupants are cooperative. Just don’t have on agenda yet. Stay in touch.


  2. ghostbusterbev August 6, 2015 at 11:09 am #

    Paul, A very interesting post indeed! It’s so exciting to get verification of spirit activity. I have actually seen “chain orbs” previously in photographs…they are less common but certainly do exist. I am leaning more and more to explaining this phenomena as a family or group of spirits traveling together. I believe we are seeing more of this kind of activity as the earth’s vibration changes due to the growing number of souls evolving and opening up spiritually. I plan to listen to the Living Paranormal show at some point and will also take a closer look at your orb photos.

    And congratulations on completing your book…I like the title! I remember you were searching out online e-book publishers…which one did you go with?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul Hill August 7, 2015 at 1:25 am #

      Bev, your observation about this “chain orb” possibly being a family or group is in line with Robyne Marie’s take on the same phenomenon. If we were fortunate enough to “summon” the right family by name, which is what we did, there they were (unless it was someone else). Robyne by the way is someone you should meet, at least virtually– her link is in the post. Your thought that we are evolving into beings that can better communicate across the void is wonderful. Of course that’s a two-way street, and perhaps “they” are doing likewise. Please do try and catch the show; I think you’ll find it fascinating. You should be a guest on Living Paranormal too! Do you want me to refer you to the hosts?

      Re Lanes End, I am still on the final edit of the last chapter. One last rundown before I put my stamp of approval on it. My editor/friend has already done that. Now that I’m in the “pre-publication” phase, I am still in consideration of who I want to self-publish with. I have thoroughly vetted every one of them, including Kindle. Unfortunately when you read the fine print of their non-negotiable agreements, there are some very onerous provisions one has to accept. I do plan to query literary agents to see if I can get one to represent me to “real” publishers, if my book is good enough. How are you doing with yours? Have you gone onto any of the self-published websites?


      • ghostbusterbev August 7, 2015 at 9:44 pm #

        Paul thank you for supporting my theory about orb chains…I will take a look at Robyne’s site. And yes I would be interested in being a guest on Living Paranormal..thanks for the referral.

        After looking into several e-book publishers, I arrived at the same conclusion as you…the author makes very little after everyone else takes their cut. It’s very difficult to get an agent today…they only want to work with established authors or potential authors with lots of credits. The book publishing business is difficult to break into also…mostly known authors or people with a recognized name or connections. One good way to get a connection is to attend a writers’ conference. You can do a search online to see if any are coming up in your area.

        I have given a few talks in the US and sold books and have more talks booked for the fall. I’ve also sold books through my blog and a few book stores carry my book. It’s a lot of work! You gotta love it! The encouraging news is…Alanis Morissette read my book (are you familiar with her – singer, songwriter, actress) and she lives in L.A. so hopefully some of her Hollywood friends will read my book. One can only hope. I am very much a believer in “if it’s gonna happen, it will happen”. Astrologically, from August to July 2016 is supposed to my best time for publishing projects and also honors and awards. It’s already started…one of my short stories was a winner in a short story contest sponsored by the libraries in Ottawa. Yeah!


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