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Sudden Death

16 Jul

A bad accident . . . a sudden transition.

Ghostly spirit or an optical illusion? Saul Vazquez will only say that this photo has not been altered.

Ghostly spirit or an optical illusion? Saul Vazquez will only say that this photo has not been altered. SOURCE: photographer’s Facebook page via CNN News


I don’t know if you’ve seen this amazing photo virally making its way across the Internet, but here it is taken by a trucker’s passenger as he passed by an accident. Clearly seen suspended in the air between the two ambulances is an anomaly that looks like a human shape.

The fatal accident involved a motorcycle, and according to reports the victim later died at a local hospital. Is this mysterious figure a paranormal phenomenon, or can it be explained in the normal course of events?

Let’s first go over what it might be if not paranormal . . . possibly a photographic error of some sort? Maybe. This is the go to argument for most skeptics who view such evidence. But short of an examination of the camera and an analysis of the conditions under which the image was shot, there’s no way to prove that it was. Well then, what about some natural phenomenon like reflected mist or the ever-popular swamp gas? The background does seem to be dense and humid. Maybe. If not that, could the pic be a fake, where the presenter morphed a ghostly image into an otherwise normal photo using his computer? Possible. But only an examination of the photo by a digital expert could prove that likelihood.

Finally, is this photo the product of an hallucination or some other psychological issue connected to the observer?  I suppose anything’s possible, but most cameras don’t take pictures of hallucinations, let alone images of what a person unconsciously really wants to see (that would be a great invention!).

Was the phenomenon visible to the naked eye by anyone else who was busy at the scene? How did the apparition just happen to be caught as a photo? Taken a fraction of a second later, the anomaly might not have been visible to the camera.



Let’s get to the paranormal possibilities . . . is this the image of a dying person in the process of crossing-over to the “other side?” Or is it his ghost? If the unfortunate victim didn’t die until he reached the hospital, then technically-speaking he’s not a ghost (yet).

Are we then looking at the physical manifestation of a Near Death Experience (NDE)? Survivors of such experiences live to tell about it. Those unfortunates who don’t come back may have their NDE transformed into a DE (death experience). We will never know about those who had an NDE just before they died. Not in this life anyway. But does everyone have an NDE prior to their impending end, and are given the choice of returning or moving on?

As an author and paranormal investigator, I’m especially interested in such evidence, as rare as it is. I’m not trying to capitalize on the sad passing of this man, which was a tragedy for his family and stressful for first responders. But NDE’s are an important part my book, Lanes End. One of my characters explains the phenomenon better than I can (Dr. Zarkovian is a therapist and paranormal investigator educated in Vienna, speaking with scientist Dr. Sidney Green) . . .

      “Thus my interest in the paranormal aspects of the case ve’re investigating. Trust me, there are many. I have to be able to account for the existence of ghosts, or earthbound spirits if you vant to call them dat.

      In my thinking, there’s a difference between those who die naturally, or perhaps suddenly from a heart attack or such during surgery, and those who meet a violent death. The first groups appear to experience NDE’s if they survive, and we have to assume that those who don’t may also have an NDE, but then a DE . . .  a death experience. If the process functions as it should at the time, their transition forward and backward, or just forward, flows with no glitches. My concern is vith the glitches.”

     “So what glitches?” Sid asked.

     “Sudden or violent death that the nervous system couldn’t possibly anticipate or be warned about. Victims of war, murders, suicides, horrible accidents, and so on. I vould submit that the body under those circumstances is so shocked and traumatized, involving a cascading failure of organs and systems all in a instant, that the transition process is short-circuited. Then they may not have an NDE and their DE might be interrupted, leaving them stuck between this vorld and the next.”

An NDE Avoidedstory from the Denver Post

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