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19 Aug

the Newsletter of the Paranormal

The southern part of Colorado, including Trinidad, is the real historic Western part of the state. Its a place where Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and Bat Masterson frequented at the turn of the century. It is also among the most haunted of places, including the ghosts of coal miners and their families. Our Newsletter documents their stories, and is as meaningful to those in the East and Midwest as those in the West.

We’ll continue to talk to Leo Gottlieb and company during our Halloween Week Paranormal Encounter! If you want to see the photos from the 10/27 Encounter, let us know!

On September 29th, a small but intimate group attended our most recent Paranormal Encounter at the Museum. As we toured the environs inhabited by Leo Gottleib, his presence was both detected by a flashlight session and still photos of what was probably him in the form of orbs and bright lights in the rafters.. He answered questions from myself, Adrian, and Louise, (members of LIDP) with the lights off and the visitors standing behind us. We toured his office in the back, and then along the southwest part of the mezzanine where he might of walked to gaze out the front second-floor window when he wasn’t doing his work. Adrian captured several photos of orbs that were most likely evidence of his presence watching us as we tried to find him. Let us know if you’d like to see these photos, and we’ll email them.

Our next Paranormal Encounter will continue our attempts to communicate with Leo, perhaps getting him to appear as a full-bodied apparition! We also have news that the elusive little girl may be the same one who frequently came to the store to play while it was open, not the child that was killed in front of the store when she fell off a wagon. We shall try and find out. We also have no evidence yet of an oppressive ghost, previously identified as a guard who watched over the payroll. We shall continue to look for him.


On September 8th Paul & Adrian Hill conducted the first Paranormal Encounter at the Cokedale Mining Museum, the purpose of which was to reveal to visitors the ghosts of that building. Cokedale residents were invited for no charge and 13 came, including the Town Clerk and the Director of the Museum.

Paul Hill, Co-Founder
Light in the Dark Paranormal
Beulah, Colorado

Below are the articles from the September/October 2018 Issue:

the Event

Paranormal Encounters
experience real paranormal phenomena
@the Cokedale Mining Museum
10 miles west of Trinidad

from September 8th through Halloween

Saturday Nights 7 to 9 p.m.

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Light in the Dark Paranormal
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the ghosts are waiting!
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| max group size: 10/tour | waiver to be signed |
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the Cokedale Mining Museum

The Cokedale Mining Museum is haunted. Light in the Dark Paranormal (LIDP) did a short investigation of the place back in February of this year, and demonstrated its probable condition in a few hours (visit our website for photos & videos–link at bottom of page).

The anomalies observed were likely from the ghosts of old coal miners and their families and friends. They frequented the building that used to be called the Merchantile Exchange back at the turn of the 19th century when it was the company store. Customers bought equipment and food, while cashing their pay checks in exchange for company script.

Cokedale is just west of Trinidad. Its the mining town where workers turned coal into coke. The lines of coke ovens can still be seen just west of the town, where hot and grueling effort worked its magic baking off the impurities resulting in 99% pure carbon. The material was then shipped to mills in Pueblo and El Paso to make steel.

You can visit the ovens, Cokedale and the Museum by hopping on State Highway 12 (the Highway of Legends) and proceed a few miles west of Lake Trinidad State Park. LIDP will try to reveal the Museum’s ghosts to visitors in groups of 10 from September 8th through Halloween night. Its not for the faint-hearted!. We can’t guarantee anything, but come if you dare. The Event (above) has more info . . .


Are Certain Animals Harbingers of Doom?

(Edited and condensed from a story sent to me by Bryan’s dad–Ed.)

Or are they friendly forewarners of events yet to come . . . messengers from another realm?

My son Bryan had the most beautiful soul. We lost him in 2010 from a rare blood disorder, only 23 years old. An invisible time-bomb was slowly ticking away inside him, while someone was trying to tell us that something was wrong.

An old buddy of mine had committed suicide shortly before. On the day of his wake I first went outside to fetch the paper, only to notice a white dove on the last step of the front porch. It was looking right at me, but I knew there were no such birds in the area. As I walked directly towards it, the dove did not move, and intently watched me as I grabbed the paper.

Walking around it again, it still watched as I went by. Going back inside, I saw that the dove made momentary eye contact with me. I have no doubt that it was my friend who wanted to be sure that I’d be at his wake. I felt that the white bird was telling me that he was at peace. But there was something that I had missed.

Bryan was attending college in Denver, but had dropped out and came back to our new home. But before his return, there were unexplained incidents involving the doorbell and smoke alarms going off in the middle of the night. At one point I had gone down into the basement to check things out. There I saw a white mist that passed right through me.

After Bryan came home, he had become very ill but was reluctant to see a doctor. By then it was too late. I concluded that my old friend had tried to warn us about his condition, at first in the form of the dove. We were blessed to have him and miss Bryan every minute of the day.

So ends the not uncommon testimony of our friend. Animals appear in dreams or are seen as real creatures doing unusual things or engaging in bizarre behavior. All to get our attention and warn or tell us about what we could not ordinarily know. When one of our so-called “lesser species” acts in a way you wouldn’t expect, take heed.


The Classic Music of Halloween

by Jon Kirkeleit

While nowhere near as numerous as Christmas songs, still there are a number of records that get dusted off at this time of year. Many are light hearted humorous ditties like, Sheb Wooley’s The Purple People Eater; The Monster Mash by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers, The Blob by The Five Blobs, or Jumpin Gene Simmons Haunted House.

Some are more serious, dare we say, spookier . . . Screamin’ Jay Hawkins I Put A Spell On You; Michael Jackson’s Thriller, The Witch Queen Of New Orleans by Redbone, and Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights.

For my money, the most serious – deadly serious– was Jim Stafford’s Jasper. Now Stafford had a small string of humorous country and pop hits in the mid-seventies. Songs like Spiders And Snakes; My Girl Bill and Wildwood Weed. Hardly the kind of singer you would expect something like Jasper to come from.

But together with country pop singer Dave Loggins, he produced a true heavyweight of a Halloween song. Complete with a plodding baseline, moaning sometimes shrieking women’s background vocals, and spoken word verses, the song tells the tale of a rake and a ramblin’ man who by the song’s end has become something very, very different. Consider the lyric: Shadows danced as blue-veined hands, like spiders spinning strange commands, released the beast that dwells in Jasper Dan.

The record was released in the spring of 1976. I believe that it would have enjoyed far greater success had it come out around this time of year.

Jim Stafford, circa that time

Jasper on YouTube

Editor/Publisher, Southern Colorado Paranormal: 
Paul Hill, Co-Founder LIDP

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the Cosmos of Halloween

by Bill Kast

Halloweens’s sky in Cokedale, Colorado — October 31, 2018: the parade of planets that graced us all summer is nearly over, but three bright ones are still visible early in the evening. Shortly after sunset, the planets are the first things to appear before the brightest stars pop into view.

How can you tell the difference between a star and a planet? You may have heard that stars twinkle, planets don’t. Well, it’s true. The more turbulence there is in the upper atmosphere the more stars twinkle, or scintillate. The planets shine with a steady light.

Jupiter is setting far in the southwest, and depending upon your perspective, is probably behind the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The golden globe of Saturn should still be up in the Southwest, not as bright as Jupiter but still appearing before the stars.

Mars will be up over the horizon to the South, very bright and as orange as a pumpkin. It should be the first thing you see in the sky after sunset. Mars made a historically close pass by Earth last July. Even though it’s diminishing in size daily, Mars is still pretty close, bright and big. Take a look with a pair of binoculars and you may be able to see it as a tiny orange disc. The Moon is in the last quarter phase and won’t be up until after midnight. No howling at the full moon this Halloween!

Halloween and Astronomy

Most of us know about the four major astronomical events of the year here on Planet Earth: the Summer and Winter Solstices and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. Each season in roughly 90 days long.

Ancient astronomers further divided the year with four “cross quarter” days, each one halfway (or 45 days) between an equinox and a solstice. The Autumn cross quarter day was celebrated by the Celts and Druids of the British Isles as Samahin or “Summers end”. The day was associated with death and spirits, and evolved into our modern day Halloween.

By the way, this author was born on April 30th, close to the Spring cross quarter day. April 30th is celebrated by the ancient Germanic tribes as Walpurgisnacht, the night that the Witches cavort with the Devil in the Hartz Mountains. Walpurgisnacht is the opposite day of the year from Halloween, exactly six months divide the two days. Coincidence? I hardly think so.


The Birth of the Bling

by Adrian Hill

Clunk, clunk, clunk . . . the sounds of my rock tumbler hidden in the corner of my bedroom. As a teen, I fell asleep to the rhythm of my precious rocks being transformed into gemstones. That was my passion.

It still is. For Halloween, I make a line I call Re-Creations from vintage jewelry which endows the supernatural aura of “past lives” to the piece. I also create Earthlines made from various gemstones, especially clear quartz, a natural mineral that protects the health and safety of the wearer.

I remember the tumbler in my closet wrapped in towels to help muffle the sound as it rotated the mixture of rocks, sand, and water. It was noisy, but the result was the rocks being transformed into shiny, smooth gemstones. I learned this technique from lapidary classes
working with silver and using a technique called lost wax casting to make rings. I also cut cabochons from thin rock slabs to change into gemstones.

Today we still believe in luck, wealth, and health. The right jewelry continues to have true metaphysical qualities. You can prove it to yourself by contacting me. I’ll send you facts and photos!

Entre Collection


Jewelry will still be available after Halloween!
(click on photos to enlarge)



Clear Quartz Collection

Paranormal Pendants,
Bracelets & Earrings
from $19

Jewelry Designs by Adrian

or Contact Us, above 


who is Light in the Dark Paranormal?

LIDP consists of Paul & Adrian Hill and Louise Bosche . . .


Louise Bosche is a natural-born psychic sensitive, and attracts phenomenon to her. She is presently an environmental consultant, having retired from her job with the City of Pueblo. She specializes in audio recording.


Paul Hill
is the publisher/editor of this newsletter, plus co-founder of our investigative group. He has a BA in psychology and has been formally looking into paranormal phenomena since 2012. He has had the interest and aptitude in the subject since college, and is a clairsentient sensitive specializing in video.


Adrian Hill, a sensitive in her own right, is retired from the medical community, and specializes in paranormal still photography. She devotes the rest of her time to the design, manufacture, and marketing of her jewelry.



LIDP has gone through several iterations, but is now a stable association that operates as a small business, not a weekend hobby! It no longer does investigations for “free,” though that remains the prevailing ethic for most investigators. There are many groups to choose from for no charge!

Although we are not among those folks, we are in fact ghost “magnets” due to our sensitivities and abilities.

Paul’s background as a real estate broker for the last 25 years also allows him to consult with buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial properties to help determine their spiritual suitability.


Paranormal Inspections
Is your home (or the one you want to buy) spiritually afflicted?

EMAIL paul@lightinthedarkparanormal, or Contact Us, above
“I won’t tell you what you want to hear unless its true.”

Lanes End, an adult fictional ghost story by Paul Hill

Excerpt: “In a loud voice her captor answered with a sinister smile while putting his hand on the apparition’s shoulder.
‘Don’t look away, my dear lady. Its time for the change.’ “

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Preliminary Investigation of the Cokedale Mining Museum
photos & videos


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