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Founder of Light in the Dark Paranormal
As an experienced real estate broker, paranormal investigator, author, and unapologetic psychic, Paul Hill offers readings and advice to those who request it. This comes in two forms . . . 

  • a personal reading, where he will talk to you (phone conversation required after an explanatory email) for as long as it takes to gather information from you. He then acts as a “psychic life coach,” if you will, giving you his advice on what you could be doing or not doing, and explaining to the best of his ability what you may be going through, either normally or paranormally. The information he gathers comes both from you and from spiritual sources that he has cultivated over the years.
  • a home reading, which he conducts for buyers and sellers of real estate. If you’re a buyer, you may want to know about the spiritual “fit” of a particular home you are considering buying (for an overview of all of the things a home buyer should think about, including what most brokers won’t tell you, click here). If you’re a seller, Paul can help you determine what your home’s spiritual condition is in, including the possible presence of paranormal entities. For both buyers or sellers, his services can include a visit to the home you are considering buying or trying to sell.

Paul is not a medical doctor, licensed therapist, or home inspector! If you think you may have a physical or mental/emotional problem that requires professional diagnosis, see a doctor, psychologist, or social worker as soon as you can. If your home is a nightmare, but not in the paranormal sense, call a home inspection service.

For more information about Paul Hill and his investigative group, Light in the Dark Paranormal, click here. There is a fee for his services, which can be discussed in further conversation. Click on the Contact Us link above for more detail.

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