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Lanes End Giveaway Contest!

29 Mar

The Shameless Self-Promotion Department of Light in the Dark Paranormal Press is at it again. We are running a contest where you can win a free copy of Lanes End, a Journey Into the Paranormal. You’ll have a 1 in 10 chance of winning! Here are the rules:

–Watch the audio/video version of Chapter One of the book, Madonna on the Curb (below). Its only 8 minutes and 53 seconds long. Two questions you have to answer: 1) somewhere during the video, you’ll see an aerial view of a small park. What’s the shape of the park? 2) somewhere after that, it will show who wrote the original music. Who is that?

–After you watched it, via Contact Us (above) send us your answers. Then write a short paragraph about why you might like to read Lanes End. That simple. The first 10 entrants will be in the First Round, where we will judge the best entry. That person will win Lanes End (the soft cover, a real book!) which we will send to him or her including FREE U.S. shipping (for international shipping, you may have to chip-in some).

–The next 10 entrants will qualify for the next round, then the next 10, etc., until we have a maximum of 50 entrants. That’s 5 books given away among 50 readers! Even the non-winners (there are no losers in our world) will be able to buy the book for a discount just for entering.

–Finally, you agree to let us post your entry to our blog (anonymously if you wish).

As soon as we have our first 10 entrants, we’ll quickly pick our winner and get back via email to set up delivery. That’s it! Get started with watching the video . . .


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