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Unreal Ghosts

1 Jun

Wi Haunted HseRecently, we were called to investigate a home where the owner claimed to have ghosts in her basement. Since the house was nearby, we came over to do a preliminary walkthrough prior to any investigation. There the owner told us how she felt very uncomfortable in the basement, even feeling like she couldn’t breathe. Her dog was also unwilling to go down there.

After walking through and visiting the basement, we too felt bad. But it wasn’t until she told us about her previous tenant who had a meth lab down there did we deduce the source of our mutual discomfort. Meth processing leaves a chemical residue that is a toxic contaminant, and under Colorado law must in fact be disclosed to any buyer or tenant. We advised her that she probably did not have ghosts– just meth.

Today I read in the Denver Post about a couple who was arrested for shooting at “ghosts” in their house. Turns out they were under the same influence whenever they reported the alleged intruders to the local authorities.

Goes to show you: if you’re a ghosthunter, beware of contaminants (meth, mold, asbestos, mice droppings, etc.). All hauntings are not real ghosts.

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