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Lanes End, A Paranormal Journey (review)

10 Aug

A review of Lanes End by author L. Sydney Fisher . . .

While thumbing through articles on WordPress, I came across an author’s blog that immediately captured my attention.  I read the author’s bio and discovered that he was a realtor who had an unusual practice not commonly seen in my part of the country.  I was instantly drawn in . . . MORE: Lanes End, A Paranormal Journey

Reading & Signing in Taos, N.M.

22 Jun

For those of you in or near Taos, New Mexico on June 24th (Saturday), you are invited to a Reading & Signing of my new book, Lanes End, A Journey Into the Paranormal. The rest of you are probably going to think something like “I’m sure not going to get on a plane from (name the city) to fly to Taos to hear about a book and get some free cookies.” Perfectly understood. But the rest of you have no excuse for not showing up at 2 p.m at the Op. Cit. Bookstore at 124A Bent St. in downtown Taos on June 24th.

Op Cit has a website that talks about our talk, if they’ve posted it yet. So c’mon down, we’s gonna have a party!

Paul Hill, Author

ps: Here are some book reviews and comments from our Shameless Self-Promotion Department. Also, if you can’t get to the event and want to otherwise get a copy, Amazon is always there . . .

Lanes End Giveaway Contest!

29 Mar

The Shameless Self-Promotion Department of Light in the Dark Paranormal Press is at it again. We are running a contest where you can win a free copy of Lanes End, a Journey Into the Paranormal. You’ll have a 1 in 10 chance of winning! Here are the rules:

–Watch the audio/video version of Chapter One of the book, Madonna on the Curb (below). Its only 8 minutes and 53 seconds long. Two questions you have to answer: 1) somewhere during the video, you’ll see an aerial view of a small park. What’s the shape of the park? 2) somewhere after that, it will show who wrote the original music. Who is that?

–After you watched it, via Contact Us (above) send us your answers. Then write a short paragraph about why you might like to read Lanes End. That simple. The first 10 entrants will be in the First Round, where we will judge the best entry. That person will win Lanes End (the soft cover, a real book!) which we will send to him or her including FREE U.S. shipping (for international shipping, you may have to chip-in some).

–The next 10 entrants will qualify for the next round, then the next 10, etc., until we have a maximum of 50 entrants. That’s 5 books given away among 50 readers! Even the non-winners (there are no losers in our world) will be able to buy the book for a discount just for entering.

–Finally, you agree to let us post your entry to our blog (anonymously if you wish).

As soon as we have our first 10 entrants, we’ll quickly pick our winner and get back via email to set up delivery. That’s it! Get started with watching the video . . .


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“The Fun of Staying in Touch”

1 Nov

Book Review by Paul Hill

How Our Loved Ones Contact Us and How We
Can Contact Them–
Roberta Grimes

Don’t let the title fool you. The Fun of Staying in Touch isn’t about your new bookcoversmartphone. The book’s subtitle, How Our Loved Ones Contact Us and How We Can Contact Them continues the theme of communication, but if you don’t venture beyond the cover, you wouldn’t know that the “loved ones” referred to are dead!  I’m not entirely sure being dead is “fun,” connected or not, or that talking to them is equally entertaining. But that’s what author Roberta Grimes is telling us. Her message seems to be that though life may not always be fun, the afterlife is–the dead are simply anxious to tell us about it.

This is the second in a trilogy about human transitions. The first was The Fun of Dying–Find Out What Really Happens Next!  The last in the series will be The Fun of Growing Forever. Roberta is a retired attorney, and given her occupation, I suspect she was strictly business. Nonetheless, she has spent her present life with an unusual interest in the afterlife. It began with her self-described “experiences of light,” first when she was only eight years old, then again at twenty–spiritual visitations that eventually changed her path in spite of hiding the events for many years.

Before we delve into the detail of her story, let’s ask some eternal questions…Is this a good read?  Do I have some issues with it?  The answers are yes and yes.

I should first point out for whom this book is suitable. Certainly not the professional nor armchair skeptic who will refuse to suspend their disbelief long enough to win a ticket to paradise. Its also not for the sympathetic reader who is looking for scientific or technical confirmation of what they suppose to be true. It is instead written for both the doubtful and true believers who need a good overview of the state of the art of afterlife communication.  As a paranormal investigator, I share Roberta’s interest in evidence that supports our belief in communicating with those in the afterlife. But I still have some ideological concerns; quite honestly the kind that may not matter to her readers.

I’ll offer more on my intramural nitpicking in a follow-up article, but let’s stick to this review for now and get some negatives out of the way first. I’ll pick on a few points that even a believer might find a little hard to swallow…

In Chapter 10, Roberta writes about a soul phone as a technological solution to the problem of talking with the dead, and a tipping point in the struggle to get the rest of the world on board. Should we invent this device, where we can unambiguously have a casual conversation with a departed loved one, the debunkers will have to take notice. But as a fairly tech-savvy civilian, I’m not aware of any piece of hardware in development that could ever facilitate such a feat. So I must remain skeptical and judge this as a theoretical event, one that if ever came to fruition would be more important than Alexander Graham Bell telling Watson to “come here…” on history’s first voice transmission, and only slightly less significant than a UFO landing on the White House lawn.

In this same context, Roberta also tells us that dead scientists are helping living researchers work this kind of stuff out. While this may be true, they’re sure not contacting me, so its a little hard to get my head around it. I’m reminded of the technical certainty of Sylvia Brown (whom I greatly respect) who in one of her books gave a detailed description of the environment of the afterlife, right down to where you put your car and get your parking ticket validated.

In both cases, I find these descriptions to be a bit over the top, and a distraction from the authors’ greater and better-expressed message about life with the dead. For the most part though, these speculations do not detract that much from an otherwise excellent fly-over of our loved ones’ terrain in the afterlife, conducted by a tour guide who has “been there” in the metaphysical sense. The author has bolstered my belief that communicating with our dead is part of the legacy of our creation, and as Roberta points out, the grand result of each of us being an undivided part of the Eternal Mind. Whether we acknowledge that or not, Roberta Grimes is spreading the Word.

Paul Hill

Paul is the co-founder of Light in the Dark Paranormal,

and he has a brand new ebook: 
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