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Lanes End Review

3 Mar

final-cover300x480From the Shameless Self-Promotion Department of Light in the Dark Paranormal Press, a review of Lanes End . . .

Book Review
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Lane’s End: A Journey Into the Paranormal is an urban fantasy novel written by Paul Hill. Odessa Kearney was a “Lady Trucker”, and she was proud of it. She had wanted more from life than an uninspiring relationship; the ubiquitous big rig advertisement on the matchbook cover had settled itself firmly into her imagination. It took very little for her to make it become a reality. As she drove the I-40 east into New Mexico, she noted that her son’s twenty-seventh birthday was coming up. He lived in California now after leaving Phoenix for San Francisco eight years ago. She missed those few years when she was able to be his full-time mom, but that was all past. For her, nirvana was the open road, traveling the country, seeing the sights and warring, sometimes, with her tendency to zone out on the road. She had long learned not to indulge in a bit of road rage, no matter what craziness transpired on the road, but the crazy in the old Grand Prix that came zooming up behind her and nearly clipped her rig when passing merited a long lean on her horn. The passenger brandished a stubby middle finger in salute as they roared away.

She sighed sometime later when a profusion of red brake lights signaled traffic ahead, There were the inevitable police cars, a fire truck and an ambulance gathered around the impacted vehicle, but no flurry of effort surrounded the driver’s sheet-covered form. With a shock, she recognized that old Grand Prix and pulled over to give FBI Special Agent Sam Buscella a witness statement. Sam was there because the incident was definitely a homicide, and he suspected a serial killer, possibly a trucker riding the roads, was at work. When Odessa got back into her rig, she wasn’t alone. A gaunt and disheveled man in a filthy coverall had a gun trained on her, his near-perfect diction and manners a startling contrast to his appearance. As she started her rig, she wondered if perhaps a fortunate accident would occur; however, nothing unforeseen or otherwise halted their progress.

Paul Hill’s paranormal urban fantasy, Lane’s End: A Journey Into the Paranormal, is a taut, suspenseful and compelling descent into terror as Odessa comes to terms with her abduction and uncertain survival at the hands of the strangely urbane Zacharias. Odessa Kearney grabbed my attention in the opening paragraphs. I so admired this gutsy and resilient woman who had actually fulfilled the owner-operator fantasy so many harbor within their imaginations. Following as she adroitly manages her rig, plans the rest area stops to comply with DOT regulations and embodies that fantasy of the trucker’s life so many dream about was a joy indeed. Her story, which gets dark so quickly with the arrival of Zacharias, continues, somehow, to be the stuff of dreams as they leave her scheduled pick-up in Albuquerque and head towards the Four Corners and into Utah. The canoe scene is unutterably lovely as the two navigate the Green River in a stolen canoe through the Canyonlands. One can’t help but wonder at the possibility of Stockholm Syndrome as the two discuss her family and “the sparkling refractions of sunlight playing off the small waves breaking against the bow” lull Odessa into slumber. I especially enjoyed the serial killer investigation conducted by Agent Sam Buscella and hope that the author considers giving Buscella additional investigations in future novels.

Lane’s End is powerful and profound, and it’s a most impressive debut novel – this is highly recommended.


For more reader comments/reviews, click here.

About the Author/How to Order

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Interview: Paul Hill & Author Ellis Nelson

1 May
Ellis Nelson

Ellis Nelson

Recently I interviewed Ellis Nelson. Her last two published works are Elephants Never Forgotten in 2015 and Into the Land of Snows back in 2012. Let’s see what she has to say about her work . . .

PH: Ellis, you write fiction for Young Adults; more specifically in the mystical, paranormal, or possibly “visionary” genres. Visionary is a relatively new category of writing that you self-identify with, but I believe most readers are not yet familiar with it. Do your last two books fit under that label, and if so, can you tell me your definition of visionary?

EN: Into the Land of Snows definitely fits in the visionary fiction (VF) category. My main character grows in his understanding of consciousness and reality. That is the central theme of the book. Ultimately, his preconceived ideas about reality crumble and his world vision opens to new possibility. I think the definition of visionary fiction is emerging but for me, any book that tackles going beyond the limitations of the third dimensional reality fits the bill. That said, I think pegging books solely to this or that category can get sticky. Many books are combinations of genres and I still agonize over how to present or label a book for editors and agents.

Elephants Never Forgotten lends itself easily to the world of science fiction because its main theme involves the manipulation of genes, a scientific endeavor. But even here, it could just as easily be tagged adventure. My main character travels to a Botswana of the future. I wouldn’t label this book as VF; however it does look at the animal/human bond and heart-centered connection. For me, this is a spiritual book on a certain level and does represent part of my own spiritual journey.

PH: I’m fascinated by the fact that you can write these kinds of stories for young adults. Is there any downside to those folks being exposed to such subjects at an early age? On the upside, what’s the benefit for them?

EN: From my point of view, the earlier the better. But then, I came into the world as an open, inquisitive kid, very intrigued by the spiritual, paranormal, and the desire to understand the nature of reality. The benefit is that we grow a society of bright, open-minded, heart-centered individuals. The ultimate revolution in consciousness! This is the reason I write for kids. They are the future. The downside is that we already have plenty of kids who feel like outsiders because they are different. We’ve seen bullying since time immemorial. We live in a society that is highly judgmental and materialistic. I do recognize that those who don’t fit in run risks.

PH: Good point about creative kids not getting respect from their less thoughtful peers. On your website, you say that you were interested in Buddhism, and that you were also interested in mystical things when you were that young. But as an adult you were in the a military. At first glance that would seem to be a little at odds with things mystical. How do you reconcile that?

EN: I think they are at odds. I grew up in a working class family and did well in school. An Air Force ROTC scholarship put me through college. Although I had a deep interest in history, psychology, and religious studies, the AF would not pay for those kinds of degrees. I have an undergraduate degree in math and an advanced degree in management. I served four years as an acquisitions officer and left the AF. The way I go about any task really goes back to those values and methods. My husband is a retired Lt. Col. and we’ve lived throughout the country. I still retain the core values and ideas of leadership. However, my spiritual life has taken me in new directions.

PH: Have you ever had your own paranormal or mystical experience?

EN: Yes, many. I’ll talk about a few. On my books blog, I mention that as a toddler I repeatedly told my mother about a man who visited me at night who wore a hat with a big feather. I don’t have any conscious memory of that. But I regard that as my first encounter with the paranormal. As a teen, I watched books fall from shelves and heard footsteps when no one was at home. As an adult, I saw a ghost at Bent’s Fort.

But some of my most amazing experiences have been with my own pets. These are the experiences that convince me we are connected in very incredible ways. I am very empathic, but it took me a while to admit this.

The first instance happened when I took one of my older cats in for a regular vet exam. Now, I had had a tooth hurt from time to time prior to this and I decided to wait and see if it got worse over time. At the vet, it turned out that my cat had dental issues and the vet wanted to schedule a cleaning letting me know that extractions might be necessary. I scheduled the procedure and over the next two weeks, my back molar was really starting to give me problems. Now it was actually throbbing and I thought, for sure, I’ve got to get to the dentist. Turns out, the cat had three teeth removed. “The worst one,” the vet said poking a finger toward an xray, “was this one.” It corresponded to my troublesome molar. My tooth never hurt after my cat had the tooth pulled. A curious coincidence?

A couple of years later, I had a Golden retriever who was going through chemotherapy. I’d drop him off in the morning for treatment and the office would call in the afternoon for me to come and pick him up. They’d fit the treatments in between appointments so I never knew how long he’d be there or when he’d get the meds. The second time I took him, I was at home and suddenly got very nauseated and so dizzy I had to go lie down. I’d never had that happen before and had no idea what was going on. I was really concerned that if things didn’t resolve quickly, there was no way I could drive to the vet’s and get the dog. It took about an hour or so for the situation to abate and I was able to drive to the vet’s later that afternoon. I dismissed the incident because I had no explanation for it.

The next week, the same thing happened and I noted the time. I’m a slow learner, but when I went to retrieve the dog, I had a question for the vet tech. “What time did Barkley start getting the drugs?” The time was exactly when I started to feel sick. I was experiencing the chemo right along with my dog. Later that night, I did a meditation and entered a space to talk with my guides. That was the end of my chemo. I did learn some important lessons about healing and the reality we live in.

PH: There really are no coincidences, are there? Let’s talk about the storylines of your latest books for a bit. Briefly, what are they about, and is one more mystical/paranormal or visionary than the other?

elephants never forgotten 2


EN: In Elephants Never Forgotten, we are taken into the future where microelephants are pets and wild elephants are extinct. Twelve-year-old Nigella receives a shipment from her deceased grandfather. Her inheritance is a herd of micro-elephants. But her elephants are different. She starts to wonder what her grandfather was up to. With the help of her best friend, Kepler, the girls set off on an adventure to discover the truth. This is a futuristic, SF novel for the younger set.



In Into the Land of Snows, we follow sixteen year old Blake to Base Camp on
Mt. Everest to spend time with his physician father. When a deadly avalanche occurs, Dad is forced to rethink things and sends Blake away. Now accompanied by a Sherpa guide, and in possession of a mysterious camera, Blake undertakes a journey that will challenge everything he believes. In the magical Himalayas, he will be forever changed by what he experiences. This is the visionary novel where Blake’s reality is shattered and he is opened to a whole new paradigm.



PH: Both stories sound compelling. But as you well know, one of the big issues in getting published these days is getting one’s work to conform to a known genre. Sometimes it’s like fitting the proverbial square peg. When you published these books, did your publishers insist on what genre and sub-genre they should be grouped into?

EN: No. In both cases the publishers asked me for tags. In my experience with children’s books, the main classification is first deciding if the work is for a middlegrade (MG) audience or a young adult (YA) one. After that, a book can be associated with further descriptions as adventure, fantasy, SF, magical realism, contemporary, etc.

PH: I haven’t read your books, but if you asked me which of your last two fit into what categories, I might say Elephants could be “visionary/science fiction,” almost like a Jurassic Park for the younger set? Do you agree?

EN: Yes, I see your point. For promotional purposes, I was using “Jurassic Park meets Micro”. I love Michael Crichton, by the way! The genre VF is very new and most publishers, agents, and editors don’t recognize it. So at this point trying to attract any of them using VF isn’t going to work. We’re still left with paranormal, New Age, spiritual, etc. I have a manuscript right now I’m circulating and it’s VF, but I’m calling it adventure. It reads like a thriller, but it has strong mystical elements.

PH: What about a genre/sub-genre for Snows?

EN: The genre for Snows is YA. It’s a teen book with potential cross-over. Its subgenre, in a perfect world, would be VF. However, the tags associated with the book are adventure and contemporary.

PH: I read your excerpt from Elephants, and I noted that you don’t “talk down” to your young adult readers. It seems it could be enjoyed by an adult just as well. Did you intentionally write it to cross-over into the adult fiction market, or did it just come out that way?

EN: It was not a conscious intention to write a cross-over. My books do involve copious research and, I think, a level of sophistication. All of my books have an underlying objective to teach something. Those are the kinds of books I devour so those are the kinds of books I write. The part of your question dealing with not talking down to young readers is also critical. I don’t believe that children come in as blank slates. I’m a parent too. Children come into this world as spiritual beings with personalities and experience. That has to be appreciated and honored.

PH: You mentioned you have a manuscript in circulation right now. Can you give us a hint about it?

EN: I’m shopping for an agent right now for a YA book titled, The Greening of the Laurel. In it, Ryan’s junior year is turned upside down by a series of bizarre visions and freaky encounters with fire. As his reality crumbles, he must confront his past life in Cathar France in order to regain a lost manuscript that is key to guiding scientists in unlocking the secrets of the universe. Only then will Ryan be free.

PH: Sounds fascinating. So where do you think this is all headed? By that I mean both adult and YA literature about the visionary, the mystical, the paranormal, ghosts, etc.? Is it just a fad, or do you think we’ll see these genres evolve and gain in popularity?

EN: Cultures have always told stories about these things. Although the term VF is new, the stories are not. They fill a need. The need is to go beyond everyday reality, to search for truth and meaning. These things are not going away. Today, we see the mystic and quantum scientist joining hands using different words, but pointing in the same direction. The old paradigm is dying. It’s scary for some. Some will hold on tooth and claw, but we’re going there anyway. The future will be different and so will our worldview. VF is a way to make sense of that new future. I’m optimistic that we’re heading in the right direction.

PH: Thanks for being in the hotseat with me today, Ellis! One last question: where might a reader buy your books? Are they in e-book form, or is hard copy available?

EN: Elephants Never Forgotten is available as an e-book.  Into the Land of Snows  is available in both print and e-book forms (click on titles for links).

Thanks for hosting me, Paul!

I invite readers to visit me at www.ellisnelson.com (mystical/spiritual/paranormal site), or https://ellisnelsonbooks.wordpress.com/ (kid friendly site).

PH: It was enlightening talking with you Ellis, and best of luck with your book sales and your latest work!


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a Queen’s birthday– a Prince’s passing

22 Apr
the Queen

Queen Elizabeth

Yesterday, the world’s media was focused on two dissimilar events: the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth of Britain, and the unexpected passing of Prince, the performance artist and musician. My wife thought of the above headline ironically describing the two unrelated events happening on the same day.

Most of you know who “the Queen” is; some of you may not acquainted with Prince, a pop/rock artist who’s been on the music scene and in the public spotlight since the early 1980’s. Since his death, he is finally being acknowledged as one of the most innovative and creative influences in the world of popular music. This event reinforces the notion that artists get their best reviews after they’re dead.

Of course music is a very personal thing, and for what one jumps out of bed for in the morning, another sleeps till noon. But that’s art, whether its in the form of music, painting, writing, or any other creative endeavor. So why do I continue to deviate from my self appointed mission as a blogger of the paranormal with posts about writing and music? I guess because the latter are as important to me personally as investigating and writing about ghosts. More pragmatically, other than my real estate blog this is the only forum I have to rant in! So I’ll try and keep these things as connected as I can.

As anyone who’s been following me is probably sick of hearing by now, I wrote a book. Its a work of paranormal fiction, so there’s the connection to the literary world. But how do I justify music? Here’s how: my last post discussed visionary fiction, and how it has a hard time pinpointing a specific genre that publishers need when they select a hole for their literary pigeons. “Visionary” in writing and art in general is hard to define.


Prince (click for video)

But after listening to a news interview on CBSN last night, I had one of those little epiphanies. A reporter was talking to a music critic in front of the Apollo Theater in NYC about Prince’s contribution to contemporary pop music. She said Prince was a visionary, combining funk, jazz, rock n roll, gospel, and other music genres as easily as we chew gum. She concluded that visionaries defy genre (her words).

There’s my answer to the visionary aspect of the written word in fiction writing. The reason book publishers have such a hard time pigeonholing that genre is because with books (and music), visionary has no genres. It defies them.

I promise I’ll get back to ghosts soon.

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the Visionary Fiction Alliance

14 Apr

VFA-member bannerWhat is the Visionary Fiction Alliance (VFA)? I guess I should know as I just joined it! As the new kid on the block, so far I can tell you its an organization of authors, readers, editors, publishers, artists and others who specialize in a certain new genre of fiction.

Visionary fiction is the kind of story that shows how the protagonist changes for the better through expected plot development and conflict. That can be said about any good novel. The distinction is that in visionary stories the main character is not only transforming into someone better, but transforming in the context of a universal good. This happens through an extraordinary mental, spiritual, or paranormal ability or experience.

Visionary fiction is also referred to as transformational.  Think of classic stories like Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, or The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.  All are great classics and best-sellers.

But don’t be intimidated. Nobodies like me are writing visionary fiction. My finally-finished novel Lanes End is hopefully part of that genre. I didn’t realize it until I recently stumbled across the VFA and thought “hey, my book fits their definition” (see why I think Lanes End does).

But enough shameless self-promotion! Check the VFA out for yourself (click on the logo). You’ll find a better definition of visionary fiction than mine, plus some very interesting posts, reviews, books, etc. You may even want to join . . .


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Lanes End

1 Apr


a supernatural


click here
Watch the video book trailer and find out how to order.

Plot Summary

After over-the-road truck driver Odessa Kearney is blatantly kidnapped from the shoulder of Interstate 40 in New Mexico, she and her abductor are doggedly pursued by FBI agent Sam Buscella through the deserts and canyon lands of the American Southwest. The crusty investigator is defied time and again by the apparent supernatural power of her captor as Odessa slowly succumbs to his influence.

Of course Sam doesn’t believe in such things, and remains determined to find this taken woman who had been so earnestly seeking a new life. Odessa may now have to pay a heavy price for release from her old one. Her estranged husband David tries to keep his job and his sanity while he copes with his wife’s transformation, not knowing her fate or that his company’s research can destroy humanity’s ability to exist. It can only be stopped by this extraordinary woman whose path is forever changed by murder, and an unimaginable form of corporate espionage played out in the shadowy realm of the paranormal.

Excerpts from Part One– the Abduction

Chapter 1  Madonna on the Curb

          A few seconds of mutual staring ensued. A chill ran down Odessa’s back. Not wishing to confront this disturbing image further, she climbed behind the wheel, cranked up the Detroit Diesel power plant, slipped it into first gear with a crunch, and hurriedly pulled out. When she glanced back at the building, the apparition was gone. What remained was a feeling of dread, and a vivid memory of someone who scared her far more than the Sisters of Fear ever could.

For a spoken-word audio/video of this chapter, CLICK HERE

Chapter 2  Wheels of Thunder

          But Odessa knew those were uncertain days not only for her but for many. America was still in the grip of the Great Recession–a period of dumbing down, down sizing, and not knowing if down was up. Still, even though she had a steady paycheck, she was holding on to a marriage that should have crumbled from its own weight long ago; to an occupation that represented containment at the same time it was liberating; to a culture that left her more alienated than the alienation she rebelled against as a teenager, and to a sense of age that though more chronological than real, was nonetheless a nag of a worry. She yearned for the good life she thought she should have earned by now.

Chapter 3  If I Ever Make It Home

            Odessa hesitated. “Do you want me to ID the body or something?”
“Not quite. Just part of it.” Sam carefully put his notebook and pen in his vest pocket, donned a latex glove, and gingerly opened the car door. He partially lifted the sheet off the deceased driver, exposing both hands. “Are these the fingers you saw?”
           Odessa had never seen a corpse positioned exactly as it was at the time of death. Her knees went weak, but she focused on what she was asked to do, quickly realizing those lifeless white fingers were long and lanky, like she played the piano. Definitely not home to the elfin-like appendage she remembered.

Chapter 4  Fill Her Up

          If I scream right now, who’s going to come and help me?
The unwitting confederate of the daring escape attempt broke formation to go to her car. Time to scream now! Just as Odessa inhaled to let out the best piercing vocalization she ever sang, Zacharias came up behind her and covered her mouth. He spoke to her softly. “Shh, Odessa. You’ll give people the wrong impression…”

Chapter 5  Runaway

          Odessa listened intently as Zacharias spoke like a scholar. “They are there, my good woman, even if you can’t see them. They are still hiding…they did not disappear because they ran out of the energy to live…they ran out of the energy to die.”

Chapter 6  Change

          Instead she saw something that was about to make her situation far worse…something that would have terrified even the most skeptical unbeliever…It’s vacant eyes insidiously returned her gaze as if to challenge Odessa’s right to exist.

Chapter 7  Riders on the Storm

          As the state trooper peered into the darkness beyond the profile of the truck, no one came forward. Backing away from the rig to get a clearer view of the entire scene, he detected no new sound other than his own footsteps. The solitary, plaintive figure was silhouetted against the background of the lifeless vehicle. He saw and heard nothing, but began to feel the uncertainty of what was about to unfold. He was alone; the only authority to deal with events that were about to evolve beyond his control.

Chapter 8  Angel of Death

          The park ranger raised his injured right arm. “There is one more thing, Agent.” Sam paused in the doorway and looked back…”I’m not a religious man, but I’m wondering if that thing could have been from somewhere else. Ya know, maybe it wasn’t a bird. Like maybe it was the devil or something. That angel of death came from the sky. It sure wasn’t natural.”

Chapter 9  Don’t Fear the Reaper

          “Ya see, the one I had this mornin’ was different. The truck keeps comin’ closer and closer. What happens when he catches me? Ya know, maybe the dreams are about something that hasn’t even happened yet!”

Chapter 10  There’s a Doctor

          Dr. Zarkovian plopped down at the table…”I believe ve just witnessed our patient’s reaction to recalling an extremely traumatic event. Ve were on the very edge of him recognizing the driver of that truck, and it was just too much for his subconscious to handle. This vill not be an easy case, Dr. Mahoney.”

Chapter 11  Who Did I Kiss?

           David responded angrily. “Then I repeat, who was that woman who looked and talked exactly like Odessa, and whose truck was she driving? Are you saying the woman was an impostor? That’s insane! Who would stage that kind of elaborate trick? I don’t believe it! Listen, the woman you found can’t be Odessa, and the person in the truck that pulled up this afternoon was. Odessa is alive, but she just took off!”

Chapter 12  Break on Through 

            David was scared. He tried to run . . . tried to hide, but there was no place to go. He thought he was losing his mind as he perspired profusely and his head ached. Where did everyone go? he thought. Is this Zacharias coming back? Things began to spin around him, and he felt like he was going to die.

Excerpts from Part Two– the Ghost

Chapter 13  The Third Eye

     They got into the SUV and left the cemetery, looking back one more time at Odessa’s grave. It was dark, and the shapes of the neighboring tombstones looked ominous as the pair followed the curving road back to the exit. Leaving through the still open gates, Dr. Zarkovian looked at her driver. “Sam, you realize ve have a lost time episode here, don’t you?” Sam looked back at her. “Lost time? As in a UFO abduction?” She did not answer, and they drove off into the night.

Chapter 14  Visits

     “You are a special case. Many ghosts live in limbo for eternity, unaware of the passage of time and remembering their own tragic end as if it was yesterday. Some are rescued and move on to my world. Many do not. This is not to say there are not well-adjusted earthbound spirits, those who are relatively content with their station in the afterlife, perhaps as a guardian of the mortals or places they left.”

Chapter 15  The Professor

     “You’re not going to tell me the imagination’s a powerful thing, are you? I’ve dug into the bodies of many a research animal and some dead humans to boot, but you know what? I’ve never found an imagination! If it was so powerful, you’d think I would have come across one by now. Maybe its right next to the soul. Haven’t seen a single one of them either. Haven’t even discovered a figment. What the hell are those supposed to be? Listen, human evolution didn’t program too many figments of imagination into our design, and if a chemical is being produced in our brains, its there for a reason.”

Chapter 16  The Mission

     In spite of her concern, she also wondered about more mundane issues . . . are there only vague discomforts when you’re a ghost? Can we be afraid or angry or happy? To her It was like ascertaining the emotional state of a cat or a dog. A person could tell by their eyes and their expressions and what their tails were doing. What about spiritual beings? Not the ones who successfully made the leap into the supporting arms of those in the other world, but those stranded alone to deal with their past life and death while waiting for their turn.

Chapter 17  Rebellion

     “Sometimes people get to a point in their career where where they have to break off and fly on their own. Other guys hang-in there and run out the clock no matter how miserable it makes ’em. As far as my plans go, I’ll get my private investigator’s license and keep nosin’ around things and pissing people off. That’s what I always wanted to do when I grew-up anyway.”

Chapter 18  Father and Daughter

     “You know Dave,” she laughed, “its not every day ve talk about people losing their souls!” Her laugh quickly vanished. “But if that was the message from Odessa, ve have to take it seriously. As ve’ve talked about before, its not unusual for a recently deceased loved one to visit, especially in a dream.”

Chapter 19  Warnings

     As he undressed and threw on his ratty old bathrobe, he began to feel strange. This scotch is stronger than I thought, he mused. But the heavy ambiance in the room was not due to his drink. He felt someone else was there with him. As he stood by the bed with shot glass in hand looking bewildered, he saw a familiar sight forming in the corner by the dresser. He felt a chill, and the hair on his arms stood up.

Chapter 20  The Trial

     He had finished his self-guided visualization, and was pushed into a deep dream-sleep by the strong relaxant he was also given. As he continued to see the castle in his dream, it took full control over his unconscious thoughts. Suddenly the imaginary edifice was no longer being buttressed by the welcome soldiers. Dave could only watch as most of them disappeared from the scene. Black smoke began to billow from the turrets, and the granite stones in the walls started to crack. Entire large pieces of the castle walls were tumbling down onto what soldiers remained still trying to get-in. Flames could be seen from the open windows, and screams were heard coming from deep within.

Chapter 21  The Meeting

     “Well get the fire department here. We have an emergency!” David ordered. The alarm sounded, and most in the room were no longer seated. Someone tried to open the emergency exit in the corner, but it also would not function. He gave up when loud banging noises started to emanate from the back wall. Boom . . . boom . . . boom . . . The sound mixed with the screaming siren, raising the level of stress for the now captive group of executives.

Chapter 22  Let My People Go

Sorry, no excerpt! I’d be giving away the ending . . .


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