UFO Sighting Near Beulah, Colorado


Devil’s Den the book

Unlike the professional-looking cover pictured here and unlike the book in general (which you should read), I’m looking at my crude sketch of a possible UFO sighting near the town of Beulah. Its a rendition of an event the happened in June of 2018.

At about 10 p.m. the Friday night before the Saturday of the event, a helicopter was skimming the treetops just above my neighbor’s land on Fox Lane It then did touch n’ go’s on the football field next door. The aircraft then shined its front spotlight on the field across the road as if it was searching for something. When I asked the Beulah District Fire Chief about it a few days later, I was told that it was a med-flight doing practice runs. I accepted that explanation.

The next evening just after midnight I happen to be up and walking on the driveway from my home. I was looking south toward Pine Drive and Signal Mountain, about a mile away. It was a clear and starlit night, with the constellation Scorpio, the Milky Way, and numerous other stars brilliantly lighting the night sky. There were some fracto-cumulus clouds laying just above the top of the ridge.

If Beulah is about 6900′ in elevation, the bottom of the clouds were in my estimation at about 10,000′. Let’s say that about 3000′ or so separated the road from the clouds. Signal Mountain rose perhaps 1000′ from the road.

Of course I didn’t have any recording device with me, but suddenly the clouds became ablaze with four trapezoidal-shaped lights rapidly flitting back and forth! It was as if searchlights were lighting up the clouds, but there were no ground-based beams pointing up to them at the time– the kind of lights that WWII anti-aircraft gunners used to target Nazi warplanes after the sun went down . . . or after the war when motion picture companies used those same surplus lights to enhance the premiers of movies in front of theaters in big cities.

In any case the searchlights were often mounted in pick-up trucks for mobility, including one that had an internal combustion engine and conversion hardware needed to provide power to light the lights. Trouble is, there were no ground-based searchlights or power sources in sight from where I stood.

Signal Mountain is very sparsely populated on its southwestern slope, but has numerous homes on its northern slope off Pine Drive. In spite of that, a beam finally showed-up! It seemed to come from that southwestern slope; the other side of the mountain I was looking at. It quickly shot up (or shot down) from there to the cloud base, and appeared to be several feet wide. Inside the beam was what looked to be thick plasma, with debris floating within it. Lasting only 10 seconds or so, it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The lights in the clouds had since dissipated, and were not showing when the beam did.

A few days later I interviewed some residents of the subdivision on that isolated property, and none knew anything about lights or huge power supplies. A retired geologist who I talked to by phone diplomatically denied any knowledge of the lights. His house happened to be in the epicenter of the source (or end) of the beam.

I reported the sighting to the Colorado chapter of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), who found the incident fascinating but ultimately booked it as being caused by searchlights . . . operator/equipment unknown. I guess I was the only one in Beulah up that late and walking around. To my knowledge, no one could verify what I saw!

Who or what caused those lights in the clouds and the beam that shot up (or down) about 3000 linear feet? Was it indeed a UFO, or someone playing with some very expensive searchlights and the substantial electricity needed to run them? Was it the helicopter I saw the previous night? Then what the heck was it doing flying around Signal Mountain? There’s no reason to land nor anything to observe.

If you saw anything on that mysterious night in June of 2018, let me know. Otherwise, I think I saw my first UFO.

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